Million Dollar Matterport Showcases.

3D Walthroughs of Million Dollar Listings

 I have been really busy with this new Matterport Technology and have collaborated with several agencies and agents that have added this technology to their marketing. Here are all of the “3D Showcases” Sold, or Asking a million dollars or more that I have produced.

31 Worcester Square #3 – Sold For 1.835 million.

Listed By Rob Kilgore of Coldwell Banker

 407-409 Shawmut #2 – Sold for 1.250 million

Listed by Ricardo Rodreguez of Coldwell Banker

 407-409 shawmut ave #10  – Sold For 2.475

Listed By Craig Lake of Luxury Residential Group

 Snows Hill In Dover – Asking 3.650million

Listed by AJ Rich of Northeast Development & Investment, Inc.

 14 Charles River Square, Boston – Asking 3.550 Million

Listed By PT Vineburgh of Charlesgate Realty

1 Hanson Street #3 – Sold for 3.175

By Developer Peter Georgantis of PEG Properties

22 Montgomery street. Boston- Asking 2.995 million

Listed By Brad Sprogis and John Neale of Sprogis and Neale

100 state street #5 -(Under Agreement) 1.650 million

Listed by AJ Rich of Northest development and Investment

78 Warren Street Charlestown- Sold for for  1.531 million

Listed By Regin Winslow of Coldwell Banker

110 Stuart Street #27F- Asking 1.4 million

Listed by AJ Rich of Northeast Development and Investment

16 Warwick #3 Brookline -( Under Agreement) asking 1.395-

Listed by PT Vineburgh of Charlesgate Realty

193 Beacon Street #1, Boston – Asking 2.999

Listed by Kevin Caulfield of Campion and Company

255 Comm Ave, Boston – Asking 2.899

Listed By PT Vineburgh of Charlesgate Realty

21 Mill Street, Boston – (Under Agreement) 1.25 

Listed By Declan O’Toole of Select Real Estate

14 Claflin Place, Newton -(Under Agreement) asking 999k

Listed By Edward Johnston of Dwell 360

If you are interested in Creating a Matterport 3D showcase for a Sales Listing, Rental listing, commercial space, vacation rental…or any space, contact me at or 617 997 2720

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First Resale in the “Royal” in the South End

The Royal 407-409 Shawmut Ave




The Royal 407-409 Shawmut

The Royal Shawmut ave #10

The Royal Craig Lake-1

The Royal Craig Lake-3

The Royal Craig Lake-5

The Royal Craig Lake-6

The Royal Craig Lake-7

The Royal Craig Lake-8

The Royal Craig Lake-10

The Royal Craig Lake-11

The Royal Craig Lake-12

The Royal Craig Lake-13

The Royal Craig Lake-14

The Royal Craig Lake-15

The Royal Craig Lake-17

The Royal Craig Lake-18

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Boston Short Term Rentals…In 3D

Boston Short Term Rentals

Last Thursday I went over to Charlestown to scan some short term rentals with my Matterport Camera. My friends over at decided to test it out on their latest addition to their portfolio on Mount Vernon Street. In this type of business, rentals are likely to be booked “sight unseen” and this is a perfect opportunity for renters to really check out the place they are about to rent. Go explore the 3 listings below and click on the links for pricing and booking information. click on the 3D showcase button to view floorplans,”dollhouse view” and walkthrough tour.

Price and availability…Charlestown-Mount vernon #1

Price and availability…Charlestown- Mount Vernon #2

Price and Availability…Charlestown- Mount Vernon #3

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Explore Two 3D Tours in South Boston

3D Tours in South Boston


Last week we went to South Boston to scan 2 new listings for Kevin Caulfield on E 6th street and Covington Street. They just went on the market last night so here they are to view in 3D.

Covington Street

3 Bed.. 1787sf ..$699K

Covington Street Floorplan

Covington Street Floorplan

Kevin Caulfield Covington Matterport

2 Story Floorplan







East 6th Street

E 6th Street Floorplan

E 6th Street Floorplan

Kevin Caulfield E 6th Matterport

Top View of Floorplan

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Matterport 3D Showcase of Snap Suites

I recently did a Matterport 3D Showcase of a great new office rental space in the Back Bay. The company is Snap Suites and they rent office space for 1 year terms. I did a scan of a furnished office as well as their common areas, kitchen and lounge. This is just a portion of the space, but it gives a quick idea of the added amenities of the complex. If anyone is looking for an office in the heart of Back Bay, you should definitely check it out. I will have still photos of conference rooms and lobby for another post.

Check out the 3D player below.

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Matterport Photography Available in Boston

We recently got our Matterport Camera a few months ago and I am amazed with the product and the final images it produces. This camera takes 360 degree images and turns them into an immersive 3D rendering of interior spaces. Personally, I am not a fan of traditional virtual tours, where you click on a room and just spin in circles and look up and down. This technology is more of a “google street view” for interiors. you can actually “walk around” and explore the home without even physically going there. it also allows you to rotate the entire floor-plan and view the home in the “dollhouse view” where you can figure out the flow and the layout while having the option to go back to a particular room by clicking on the space. it’s quite amazing and this is definitely the future of real estate marketing.

Matterport Camera

Matterport Camera

You can view 3D showcases here on my Facebook page Property Imaging and also on my photography website

Other features include: creating screen shots, actual photos of floor plans as well as measuring spaces and creating images with dimensions. The technology is only getting better and new optoins will roll out over time. Exciting stuff!!

Here are a few screen shots of properties taken from the “3D showcase.”

3D of the Royal in the South End

3D of the Royal in the South End


Floorplan View of “the Royal”

MAtterport rentering of Duplex in South End

Matterport rendering of a Penthouse Duplex in the South End

BEacon Hill Floorplan with Measurements

Beacon Hill Floorplan with Measurements

Matterport Bay Village

Matterport Screenshot of Bay Village Townhouse

MAtterport Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill Floorplan “Dollhouse View”

screenshot (4)

Another “Dollhouse View”

Matterport Floor Plan

“Floorplan View” of Beacon Hill 2 bed

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Before and After Real Estate Photography

Testing out some before and after pics

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“The Royal” South End

Explore the 3D Model


Here is the latest 3D model of “The Royal,” which is one of the latest new construction developments in the South End. It actually is all officially under agreement with occupancy starting very soon. Check out some screen shots and explore the model via the Matterport 3D showcase below.


3D Floorplan Image

3D of the Royal in the South End

3D Screenshot

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Explore 53 Grove Street in 3D

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3D Scan of 2 Lyndeboro Place in Bay Village

So I finally got to try out my new Matterport camera  yesterday on my listing over at 2 Lyndeboro Place in Bay Village. I will get into more detail about the camera and the process in another post, but I wanted to share my first attempt to use it. I think the product is awesome, the outcome is sweet, and the technology is getting better as each month rolls along. I still have to learn a few things in the back end, but this is the basic function of the camera. There are going to be many more features within the next year and I can’t wait to see how this technology evolves. Click on the Blue bar below then “walk around” the property or click on the “dollhouse” view to rotate the house and click on the room to re-enter the space. Let me know what you think!!


If you have any questions about the property or the 3D scan. contact me at

PS. I believe you need to have the latest version of ios 8 and upload the player to view. I will do some investigating on that.

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