Tall Ships are in Boston! Take a Water Taxi too!!

Yesterday I ventured out in Boston and took a long walk over to the Charlestown Navy Yard. I also brought my camera and my new Canon 10-22 lens (which i now love).  I really didn’t do much research about the Tall Ships being in town, but I went over to Charlestown because that was where most of the boats were last time they were here.  I was a little disappointed in the lack of tall ships this year, then i found out most of  the ships  were in the Seaport District (remember, I didn’t do any research).  I walked around the Navy Yard for a bit more and I grabbed some grub and drinks over at Tavern on the Water. Guac and chips were not all that bad by the way….My girlfriend and I ended up taking a water taxi for 10 bucks a person over to Legal Harborside and got a killer tour of the harbor and the Tall Ships. I highly suggest going out there and checking out the sights. If you have never taken a water taxi, I highly suggest that too. The tall ships are here for another week, so if you are in Boston, check them out!! Below are some pics i took of my day.

Walked down the Charles River. The boat in the back is the barge with the 4th of July fireworks. Duck Tour in the Front. 



Few Naval Ships and a cool old crane


I didn’t read the plaque on this particular boat, But I love the pic.



Swedish Naval Boat with police boats


The Water Taxi and our driver

A Little blurry, but still a beautiful boat ride.

One of my favorite Tall Ships

Almost at our destination

The final destination.

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