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Beacon Hill 1 Bed Penthouse On the Sales Market. Joy Street. $590K

I did a photo shoot for an agent friend of mine today. This is a nice 1 bed duplex right on Joy street in Beacon Hill. The livingroom, full bath and kithchen are located on the first level and the bedroom is on the upper level. This has a nice layout and a roof-deck with perfect Beacon Hill views of the adjacent streets and the State House. I think its priced well at $590k.

Columbus Square Rental! Amazing Roofdeck with A+ City Views

Located in the middle of the desirable Columbus Square, this 2 bed, 1 bath has it all. This is a penthouse 2 bed with over 1000sf and has an amazing private roof deck with 360 degree views of the city. The condo boasts a renovated kitchen with granite and stainless steel appliances. There is hardwood floors throughout the living area and carpets in the bedrooms. Other notables include fantastic natural light, fireplace, washer dryer in the unit, Bow front window and beautiful built-ins.


Check Out the South End House Tour! October 20th 2012

This Saturday!

Don’t Forget to check out the South End House Tour tomorrow!!  For more information go here to the Historical Society’s homepage and you can also purcahase tickets there as well.

The South End Historical Society has helped preserve much of the Victorian townhouses that exist today. Without them, there would not me many of these buildings left.

Check out some homes and Support the South End Historical Society.

The $40,000 Rental in Beacon Hill!!

74 Beacon Street, Boston MA

Infinity Roof Deck Pool with Boston Common Views.

I was looking online and saw that the Median household income for Boston was about $70,000. After taxes, the average Boston family could rent this gem for about 5 weeks, then be absolutely penniless. My advice to someone looking at this rental…., be rich, have refined and extravagant taste and love Beacon Hill. I’ve been in this listing a few times and its nothing short of amazing.


We're sorry, but we couldn't find MLS # 71442100 in our database. This property may be a new listing or possibly taken off the market. Please check back again.


Another Awesome Boston Time Lapse Video

I do love a good Time lapse video  and I’ve posted a few in the past. Check this one out. It’s a great montage of many different locations around downtown Boston.  Enjoy!!


“No Showings Till the First Open House”…. The Term that Haunts Buyer Agents and Buyers


Till The First Open House!!!! Ugh

Well, Here it is, The Pet Peeve of the season. A nice new listing comes on the market, my buyers and I are on our game, ready to view properties promptly after they are listed. What comes next…. Boom!  We are slapped with the now all too common showing instruction that says: “no showings until the first open house. ” Really?  This listing is the perfect location,  its in our price point, we want to see it, and now we have to wait 5 days in order to see it with 25 other groups?  This is just another sign that it is just not a buyers market out there right now.

This is a trend that has been haunting my buyers and I since the fall market began. I did notice this a fair amount in the past Spring market, but now it almost seems to be standard practice in certain pricepoints in Boston. I currently have buyers in the $450k, 1 Million and 1.5 million range and each of these pricepoints are affected by this ugly buyer affliction.

As a listing agent as well, I don’t think this is a bad practice because it is the smartest way to increase visibility to the listing.  It also is a proven method to bring in the top dollar. If the property is in a good location, priced well and has a good layout,  there is a good chance there will be multiple offers on the property and the condo could go under agreement for over asking price.  It’s smart, it works, but it is not ideal if you are a “ready, willing and able” buyer who wants (or needs) to find a home.

The bottom line is that it is stressful out there for buyers. Nobody wants to get into a bidding war. Nobody wants to pay over asking and lastly, nobody ever wants to over pay. In this Fall market, in order to secure a great home in a good location, you will most likely have to pay full asking price if the property is brand new to the market. If you get stuck in in a multiple offer bid, in order to get the property you will most likely have to pay a bit more to get your offer signed over the others.  How much more? that’s a whole other topic of conversation.

My best advice is to be prepared if you decide to enter this market.  If you “have to buy” then you will most likely pay top dollar or have to settle for a property that may not be your dream condo. Also, you will need to ask yourself , do i have flexibility to buy now or can i wait till the Spring? I love buyers  that have month to month, 60 or 90 day notice  leases, because they are in the best position to wait for better inventory and increased options.

My last points of view are if you are a buyer, know the market and look at the comps. If you don’t have to buy right away, its not going to kill you to wait till the inventory grows a little more (downtown Boston of course). Lastly, if you are a seller looking to sell your property, now is the time!! We say it all the time, because that is the truth.

Yet another Million Dollar Lsiting under Agreement in the First Week!

It’s just the name of the game this Fall and the million dollar range is just Hot!! I called on this last night to schedule a second showing for my buyers…..4 offers. 4 days on the market, not surprised and i wonder how much it went over asking. Guess we will have to wait till it closes to find that out.


We're sorry, but we couldn't find MLS # 71440238 in our database. This property may be a new listing or possibly taken off the market. Please check back again.