Mystery Solved….”Where can I Buy a Duck Ramp”

So I got a big laugh yesterday while looking through my google analytics page. Sometimes i can find humor in the “keywords” in which people find my site. Yesterday I noticed my website was found because someone typed in “where can i buy a duck ramp”. I had a good laugh first, then i got massively confused why on earth someone would be directed to my website based on that inquiry. Today, I finally remembered why that came up. About a year ago, I posted this picture i took of the frozen Public Garden pond and the “duck ramp” that went into the water.

Duck Ramp on the Island

Duck Ramp on the Island


Since this seems to be of a topic of interest, I want to give my readers what they want, so I added a few more interesting duck ramps that i found on the web.

 …I give you ….Duck Ramps!!!!

Urban Duck Ramp duck-ramp-john-greaves Terrible Duck Ramp Stink Shoe Duck Ramp Homemade Duck Ramp Fiji Duck Ramp duck house with ramp and ducks lowres_normal All Kinds of Fowl Ramp. Actual Duck on a ramp for sale



FYI. I was unable to find out where to purchase a duck ramp either. Guess it’s off to Home Depot and make one yourself.

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