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Back Bay Street Cleaning Starts Tomorrow!!

Back Bay Street Cleaning Starts April 1st.

Chinese Street Cleaner

Yay!! Street Cleaning!!

It’s possibly my least favorite thing about Boston and it starts up in the Back Bay tomorrow. Other neighborhoods started March 1, but as of now Back Bay is April 1st. I do have a feeling Back Bay move it earlier in the future since its more revenue for the city. It’s time to get used to the color orange  and a nice trip to Casey’s towing lot in Dorchester. Happy Spring!!

For automated alerts regarding street cleaning, go to the City Of Boston’s website here.

Amazing Space Saving Furniture by Resource Furniture

Are you Looking For Space Saving Furniture?


I posted this video a while ago and just noticed that the company also has a pretty cool other video, so i added that as well. If you live in a small studio you should check this video out. If you live in a large home, you will still find these pieces of furniture really amazing. I did a little “googling” and found out that the company is Resource Furniture and well, their products are pretty awesome. It looks like the nearest store is in NYC, but I think there needs to be a showroom here in Boston.


Also, Here is a great history video that juxtaposes the new and the old versions of space saving furniture.

Bunk Bed Resourse Furniture

Resource Furniture

Resource Furniture Bunk

Space Saving Furniture

Houseboat Rentals in Boston Harbor

Houseboat Rentals in Boston Harbor you ask?


Ok, I know I did a post about this a few years back, but this Spring/Summer, I am going to rent out one of these houseboats in Boston Harbor. I just think it would feel like a vacation and it would just be a $15 cab ride to Charlestown.
A friend tipped me off a while ago about these house boat rentals that are scattered throughout Boston Harbor and Charlestown. I think it’s a great idea that gravitates towards not only tourists, but also to Boston residents looking for something new and interesting to do without having to go too far. The Website is called and  I really need to act on this. I always wanted to live on a houseboat, and this could either make we want to do it more…..or not. Regardless, it’s on my “to-do” list.

Here is a Clip of “The Cuckoo’s Nest II” in Boston. I think it looks pretty legit.

One of several others in their fleet “The Sagitarius”

Boston House Boat Rentals

Gary Shlitz. Worst Real Estate Agent (Video)

Gary Shlitz

Gary Shlitz

I came across this video recently, and, I kind of love it . A real estate brokerage in Vancouver made this amazing marketing video, and now Gary Shlitz might be  my new favorite character. Funny thing is, there are a few Gary Shlitz’s in Boston and I wish there was some type of video featuring them. FYI, I am starting a new “whisper campaign.” It’s pure genius……..”briggs johnson”


Ink Block Boston (Video)

Ok, the Ink Block project is going to absolutely change the face of the South End…for the better. I think this video is awesome PR for the project and showcases many of the best things that the South End has to offer. It’s a pretty killer video too, and I can’t wait for this project to really get going!

Think Ink from Ink Block on Vimeo.

Interested in Getting Daily MLS Updates?

Did you know that you can receive daily emails from my MLS provider? Even though inventory is at an all time low, now is a good time to (hopefully) start seeing the spring inventory to start hitting the market. By starting now, you have the ability to see new places come on the market, see things go under agreement and see listings that sit and don’t end up selling (which is rare right now). By the time you are actually ready to make your search serious, you are already educated on market movement and prices.

In addition to sales listings,  MLS has listings for Rentals as well. The MLS database of rentals is not as extensive as the Sales side since not all rentals are entered into the MLS database. In order for a property to be on MLS it needs to have an exclusive rental agreement with only one office. That is why apartment buildings tend not to show up in the MLS.

You can set listings to include certain neighborhoods, price points, square footage, # of bedrooms, Single Families, Condos, Multi-Families, pet friendly etc.

Feel Free to call me at 857 383 2055 or email me at to get set up today.

Great WGBH Video of the History of the South End

WGBH Video of the South End



If you live in the South End or live in Boston, you should  watch this video. This was a documentary that was aired by WGBH in 1995. It gives great insight into how the South End used to be and what type of neighborhood it was.  A few years ago, I walked through the building Allan Rohan Crite (interviewed) used to own. After he passed, It  was on the market for sale and it was a total gut job and the place was in really bad shape. There were a few remnants of his work left in the old run down building, but  at the time, I really didn’t have much appreciation for what I was walking through. Now the building is worth millions and has a plaque on it that recognizes the artists contribution to the community.  I now imagine how many other buildings have such an amazing history  and the stories that are not as public. What a great area.

Amazing Listing on Walnut Street in Beacon Hill

25 Walnut Street (Beacon Hill)

Furnished Rental

$8000 / Month

June 1st

25 Walnut Dining room and piano

The "Man Vault"  25 Walnut Street (Beacon Hill)

The “Man Vault” 25 Walnut Street (Beacon Hill)


25 walnut bldg 25 walnut master bedroom 25 Walnut St. #1A 2 25 Walnut St. #1A 25 Walnut wine cellar second bed walnut street vaulted brick

Furnished One of a kind Duplex just steps away from Boston Common. This is a large 2 bedroom with Office and brick vaulted media room. There is a formal dining area, large formal living room. Both bedrooms are large and the master has its own en-suite bath. Other features are 3 working fireplaces, storage closet, wine closet, private patio and private entrance. The furniture is as good as it gets. Pets Possible.

My New Favorite Room.. The “Man Vault” in Beacon Hill


This is a photo I took of a new listing I have coming on for rent (more details later). I am pretty much over the term “man cave” so I am calling this the “man vault”. I love it! It’s so gothically dark and awesome. I want it.


The "Man Vault"  at 25 Walnut Street (Beacon Hill)

The “Man Vault” 25 Walnut Street (Beacon Hill)



More Details to Follow.

Is Block Avenue the Best New Real Estate Tool?

Block Avenue Logo

It’s been a while since i have said “thats a good idea” when it comes to real estate related websites. was one of those new sites that I think has potential to play a large role in the online real estate experience. Block Avenue is a newly launched website based in Cambridge and it has the potential to provide buyers and renters with valuable neighborhood information

I wish I could come up with a more unique description other than it’s like a  “Yelp for neighborhoods,” but  that is the best way to describe it. Like Yelp, you can pick places, comment on it and rate it. Block Avenue is the same, but you pick a block or location and rank it from A-F and write a decription what you think about the block and the area. You can also comment on other reviews and agree or disagree with them as well. It also has restaurants and businesses that you can comment on (just like yelp and foursquare) and they actually syndicate those reviews in addition to the unique reviews on Block Avenue.

This is a great resource for people moving into a city for the first time and don’t know much about the neighborhoods. There are some pretty candid reviews on this site as well (which are usually the most helpful). As a real estate agent, legally, we can’t say whether something is safe or not. We get the question all the time and sometimes agents will just babble a canned response about why we can’t answer that question. Regardless or the presentation of why or why not, most buyers and renters are not satisfied with the answer. This is why I think this is a great tool for consumers looking at specific locations. Now a possible response can include referring consumers to this site to helpfully assist them in their inquiry. The site also indicates location of sex offenders and crimes committed so it has the potential to be a 1 stop shop for all things location based. It also has the potential to answer all the subjective questions we are not able to comment on in this business.

The site is still relatively new and is constantly updating its interface and adding new “block reviews,” so I am sure the site is going to be chock full of new information in months to come (especially when they launch the mobile application). Check the site out and I would be interested to see if you agree with me.

Start Posting!

You can check out my personal Block Ave Profile Here.


block ave

Block Reviews View

Block Avenue

Block Grade View and Neighborhood Info


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