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Another Real Estate Clip from the Ellen Show

I’m not sure how many clips she has done about real estate, but I’m loving them and will post them all. Here is the latest one I found. Love the doll room, hilarious!

Ellen Show

Ellen Show and Real Estate

Thank You Ellen. Keep these coming! I love the  Century 21 moon/Lamb compilation. Hilarious.


Frying Pans in your Fireplace? Ok

Photo Of the Week

Nothing says "storage" better than a fireplace with pots and pans in it.

Nothing says “storage” better than a fireplace with pots and pans in it.

Seriously? I cam across this gem looking at places for sale in the Back Bay. The listing agent took the time to focus on the decorative fireplace that hangs the pots and pans. Would have passed on that particular photo, but I love it.

The Glamorous Life of a Real Estate Agent Video

Shout out to Nashua Video Tours for making this video. It’s pretty funny and at times 100% correct. I’ve had my fair share of these listings and this reminds me of some of my photo shoots as well. If you are in the business, you might get a laugh out of this. Enjoy.

Scary Snowman Prank.. Boston and Newport

It says Boston, but it’s really Cambridge… regardless, I always get a good laugh from these. Enjoy.

Newest Renderings For Ink Block in the South End

I was just sent over the latest renderings for the Sepia which is one of the hottest new developments for the South End. I have to say, this project looks fantastic. Check them out.

Final Rendered Aerial with Labels bldg rendering 06_Sepia_FI_10-24-13_FINAL Sepia_04_Southeast Sepia_03_Northeast Sepia_02_Entry Final Sepia Hero Night

Here are a few of the listings that are for sale:
Unit 609
Unit 311
UnitPH 10
Unit 310
Unit 607