Matterport Photography Available in Boston

We recently got our Matterport Camera a few months ago and I am amazed with the product and the final images it produces. This camera takes 360 degree images and turns them into an immersive 3D rendering of interior spaces. Personally, I am not a fan of traditional virtual tours, where you click on a room and just spin in circles and look up and down. This technology is more of a “google street view” for interiors. you can actually “walk around” and explore the home without even physically going there. it also allows you to rotate the entire floor-plan and view the home in the “dollhouse view” where you can figure out the flow and the layout while having the option to go back to a particular room by clicking on the space. it’s quite amazing and this is definitely the future of real estate marketing.

Matterport Camera

Matterport Camera

You can view 3D showcases here on my Facebook page Property Imaging and also on my photography website

Other features include: creating screen shots, actual photos of floor plans as well as measuring spaces and creating images with dimensions. The technology is only getting better and new optoins will roll out over time. Exciting stuff!!

Here are a few screen shots of properties taken from the “3D showcase.”

3D of the Royal in the South End

3D of the Royal in the South End


Floorplan View of “the Royal”

MAtterport rentering of Duplex in South End

Matterport rendering of a Penthouse Duplex in the South End

BEacon Hill Floorplan with Measurements

Beacon Hill Floorplan with Measurements

Matterport Bay Village

Matterport Screenshot of Bay Village Townhouse

MAtterport Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill Floorplan “Dollhouse View”

screenshot (4)

Another “Dollhouse View”

Matterport Floor Plan

“Floorplan View” of Beacon Hill 2 bed

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