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Parking Garages in Boston

Parking Garage Boston

Online Garage Parking Resources   

This weeks blog idea was to compose a bunch of garage parking options for downtown boston. I reached out to my “Twitterverse” aboout garage options someone  suggested I check out Primospot.com . This is a great tool for Parking Spaces in the Downtown Boston neighborhoods. It has a lot of garages that i never heard of, but as for a real estate needs they list a lot of hourly and overnight parking lots, but don’t necessarily have many listed with monthly rates (which is what residential people are looking for). Since I do a lot of business in the South End, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, I noticed that they were missing out on a few good parking options, and some of the pricing on the list didn’t truly reflect the real pricing. I think it’s a fairly new site so over time this could iron itself out.
A few other big resources of parking in Downtown Boston garages are Pilgrim Parking  and  Central Parking. These 2 companies manage a large percentage of parking garages in Boston.

According to Pilgrim Parkings Website, they manage about 26 parking garages and have them all over the Greater Boston areas. Since they manage the site and all their rates and locations, I would assume all rates are fairly up to date. There are a few garages  that are missing on Primospot.com that are on pilgrims site.

Central Parking Systems is a massive company that manages parking spaces all over the country. They manage some of the larger garages like the Prudential Center and Boston Common and post deals on their website

  • “Reverse Commute Price” this is a really good option for some residents. This is the option that reduces the price by restricting garage usage. If you are a 9-5er, this is a great option to look into because the times you cant use the garage are usually 8-6 and you get weekends as well. Some garages give “sick days” but you have to look into that.
  • Don’t wait till January to get a “winter parking spot. Nobody likes digging their car out of the snow and yes, its a smart thing to get a garage space for the winter to avoid the hassle of winter (if you can afford it). The only issue is that everyone else is thinking the same way. Don’t wait for the 1st big storm to hit because it might be too late and the garage (closest to you) might not have any monthly spaces left. This tends to happen more with the smaller garages like at Atelier 505 on Tremont. I’ve had many clients miss out due to a full monthly parking capacity.
  • Do your research. Parking is all about demand and availability. Prices can sway heavily and if you are willing to walk an extra few blocks or so, you can save a bunch

This month I will be featuring other parking options around the city, including alley parking options which is an entirely different story.



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