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Southwest Corridor in Boston

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One of my favorite places in Boston, are the streets the surround the Southwest Corridor in between the South End and the Back Bay. The reason i like this area is because it is close to everything that the Back Bay and the South End has to offer. For instance, I live on Marlborough Street. I tend not to walk all the way over to Washington street in the south end because its a hike. If I lived closer to streets like St. Botolph, Holyoke Street, Durham Street or Braddock Park, I’m sure I would frequent Washington and Harrison streets more often. I’ve spoke to many clients, friends who say the same about living on Washington and Harrison, they tend to stay more in the South End and venture out less to the Charles River or Copley Square. Do I have any empirical data that supports this genius theory? No. But it is an observation and something worth to consider when picking a neighborhood to live in. Other notable items regarding this area are dog parks, Children’s playgrounds, Sparrow Park, and the proximity of Shaw’s Supermarket.


One of the reasons that prompted me writing this Post was a picture that i found on the Southwest Corridor Park Conservancy Website. It is an old picture that showed what the Southwest Corridor used to look like in 1975. Wow! this area has come a long way.




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