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Chocolate Store Opening in Back Bay

I always thought that the “house” on Clarendon that housed the old Frank Stella clothing store was a great little building.  During its vacancy, I thought it would make for a really good real estate office (dare to dream), but it looks like it has been rented, or at least the left side has been rented.  I walk by this building at least 5 times a week and I always wonder who is going to take it, and why it hasn’t been rented? Yesterday,  I passed the empty shell (now with windows papered up) and I saw that the building permits are up, and the discreet “coming soon” sign was in the corner or the window.  According to the sign and the permit, it looks like L.A. Burdick , a handmade fine chocolate store is taking Frank Stella’s place. L.A. Burdick has a few other locations in Cambridge, Walpole NH, and New York City.  Although I haven’t been to any of their other locations, i think I have had a few of their “mouse chocolates”  at a wedding  before.  I think this store could be a perfect fit to the funky building, but according to the permit, it looks like the right hand side will be renovated and still up for rentl. Even though i’d rather not walk by more calories on a daily basis, i’m glad its going to a good home and i hope it works out.  If a Mac and Cheese store moves in next door…I’m in trouble.

Has anyone been to the other stores before? Do you know what store is going into the right hand side?

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