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Guest Blog from Gentle Giant Moving Company

Being a real estate agent is not just about showing homes, doing open houses and writing up offers. It’s about creating a team around you to provide your client with a group of providers that can facilitate all aspects of the home buying, selling and rental process. One of the questions i get repeatedly is “who do i use for a moving company” and “how do I move my stuff all the way up there?” Those questions promoted me to write this blog, so I contacted my friends over at Gentle Giant Moving company to see if they would write an entry for me. This is what they put together:

Photo Courtesy of Gentle Giant, taken by Liz Diamond

By: Gentle Giant

“So you’ve worked with your real estate agent to find the home of your dreams, now comes the fun part: moving. For some people, moving can be even more stressful than selling or buying a home. This is why it is so important to hire a professional moving company. Think about it, when you need to sell your house, do you call a bunch of friends and entice them with pizza and beer in exchange for their services?

By hiring a professional moving company such as Gentle Giant, you can be reassured that all of your treasured belongings are insured, being moved by a team of movers that know exactly what they are doing, and are prepared with all of the training and equipment needed to get the job done safely and correctly.

Real estate in Boston is famous for its rich history, breathtaking views, charming neighborhoods, unique architecture, tight staircases, no parking, five or more flights of stairs with no elevator, hallways with extremely fragile floors and walls, and no tolerance for damage. This is why it needs to be stressed that hiring a professional moving company with the proper equipment is a necessity. Landlords and condo associations throughout the city breathe a sigh of relief when they see the Gentle Giant crane park in front of their building, for they know any large, heavy, tricky pieces with potential to damage the inside of the building will be plucked out of the window with surgeon-like precision by a highly trained crane operator.

In many cases, an entire condo or apartment will be emptied without bringing one piece of furniture down the stairs by using the “Swift Lift” Furniture Elevator, a unique piece of equipment that Gentle Giant often uses for condos or apartments on the 5th floor above in elevator-less buildings with poor stairwell access. It may at first look like an added expense to the move, but in reality, the amount of time for the entire move will be drastically shorter, evening out the price while drastically decreasing the chance for damage to the building.

So remember, hiring a professional moving company may cost more, but it is the safer, more efficient way to move. And your friends will be so relieved, they’ll probably bring you pizza and beer as a token of a appreciation.”

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