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You Still Should Hire A Photographer For A “Fixer Upper”

Yesterday I drove out to Newton to shoot a house that is a total “fixer upper”.  The last renovation looks like it was the 1950’s but still, I needed to show that it has potential and that the “bones”are good.  The one thing buyers need to know by the photos, is that the property is worth checking out even though the home is a “gut job” and sold “as is”.  Real Estate Agents think hiring  a photographer for this type of property  is a waste of money, but seriously, it can help!! I looked at MLS and noticed this particular listing has been listed 3 times before by other agents, but nobody took the time to get professional photography.

Here is the Gallery of old photo attempts.  Notice the point and shoot grace, low res charm, and unique angles. Yikes!

photo.jpegbad highland.jpeghighland front.jpegbad livingroom pics.jpeghighland.jpegphoto (1).jpegphoto (2).jpegphoto (3).jpegphoto (4).jpegphoto (7).jpegphoto (8).jpegphoto (9).jpeg

Here are the ones I took for the listing. I only took 5 because these were the only rooms that were shot worthy. They aren’t award winning interior shots, nor will they go into my personal portfolio, but I think they make a world of difference.

 310 Highland Street (1 of 1)-4.jpg 310 Highland Street (1 of 1).jpg 310 Highland Street (3 of 6).jpg 310 Highland Street (4 of 6).jpg 310 Highland Street (6 of 6).jpg

Good luck to 310 Highand St. Hope the photo’s help! The market is much stronger than it was last time this listing was for sale and my guess is it sells quickly.

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