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View from the Ritz in Boston

Ever wonder what the views are from the Ritz? There are several different views depending in which tower ¬†you are in. 1 and 2 Avery are the buildings that have the views, 3 Avery just doesn’t go high enough (just 9 floors). If you get high enough, there are amazing views of the Commons, the Charles, the financial district and Boston Harbor. In my experience, views don’t really get good till the 18th floor because thats when you start to clear the other buildings, but you still end up having more views of rooftops than the city unless you go above 20 floors. I was recently in a unit on the 28th floor and snapped this shot. Views of Back Bay, the Charles, the Common’s are just amazing. This was right after a good storm front came through. Check it out.


View from the Ritz

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