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Amazing Space Saving Furniture by Resource Furniture

Are you Looking For Space Saving Furniture?


I posted this video a while ago and just noticed that the company also has a pretty cool other video, so i added that as well. If you live in a small studio you should check this video out. If you live in a large home, you will still find these pieces of furniture really amazing. I did a little “googling” and found out that the company is Resource Furniture and well, their products are pretty awesome. It looks like the nearest store is in NYC, but I think there needs to be a showroom here in Boston.


Also, Here is a great history video that juxtaposes the new and the old versions of space saving furniture.

Bunk Bed Resourse Furniture

Resource Furniture

Resource Furniture Bunk

Space Saving Furniture

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Houseboat Rentals in Boston Harbor

Houseboat Rentals in Boston Harbor you ask?


Ok, I know I did a post about this a few years back, but this Spring/Summer, I am going to rent out one of these houseboats in Boston Harbor. I just think it would feel like a vacation and it would just be a $15 cab ride to Charlestown.
A friend tipped me off a while ago about these house boat rentals that are scattered throughout Boston Harbor and Charlestown. I think it’s a great idea that gravitates towards not only tourists, but also to Boston residents looking for something new and interesting to do without having to go too far. The Website is called www.sleepafloat.com and  I really need to act on this. I always wanted to live on a houseboat, and this could either make we want to do it more…..or not. Regardless, it’s on my “to-do” list.

Here is a Clip of “The Cuckoo’s Nest II” in Boston. I think it looks pretty legit.

One of several others in their fleet “The Sagitarius”

Boston House Boat Rentals

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Gary Shlitz. Worst Real Estate Agent (Video)

Gary Shlitz

Gary Shlitz

I came across this video recently, and, I kind of love it . A real estate brokerage in Vancouver made this amazing marketing video, and now Gary Shlitz might be  my new favorite character. Funny thing is, there are a few Gary Shlitz’s in Boston and I wish there was some type of video featuring them. FYI, I am starting a new “whisper campaign.” It’s pure genius……..”briggs johnson”


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Great WGBH Video of the History of the South End

WGBH Video of the South End



If you live in the South End or live in Boston, you should  watch this video. This was a documentary that was aired by WGBH in 1995. It gives great insight into how the South End used to be and what type of neighborhood it was.  A few years ago, I walked through the building Allan Rohan Crite (interviewed) used to own. After he passed, It  was on the market for sale and it was a total gut job and the place was in really bad shape. There were a few remnants of his work left in the old run down building, but  at the time, I really didn’t have much appreciation for what I was walking through. Now the building is worth millions and has a plaque on it that recognizes the artists contribution to the community.  I now imagine how many other buildings have such an amazing history  and the stories that are not as public. What a great area.

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Video for Beacon Hill Business Association

Beacon Hill Video


Here is a decent video that shows off some of Beacon Hills greates features. It a video done by Nashua Video Tours and it is to promote the Beacon Hill Business Association According to their website, this is their description:

“Who We Are

The Beacon Hill Business Association (BHBA) is a not for profit organization of more than 150 businesses on Charles Street, Cambridge Street and along the side streets of historic Beacon Hill in the center of Boston. BHBA community activities include the Harvest Moon party, the Holiday Stroll, Bi-annual Cleanup Days, Taste of Beacon Hill, Sidewalk Sales, Window Decorating contests, support of Halloween festivities, networking events and crime watch activities.”

Beacon Hill is a great neighborhood and this video (although a little dated already)gives a good insight to the history and the community that so many people love.

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Cinder Block Throwing Robot…Boston Dynamics

Reason #4034 why I like Boston. We have businesses that build robot dogs that throw cinder blocks. And yes, this frightens me. The business is actually in Waltham, but since they have Boston in their name, we can claim them as local.

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Boston History Video…Boston Molasses Disaster

Here is a clip I found about Boston’s Molasses Disaster. Thought i’d put it up on my blog because it’s a pretty interesting story and a good clip.


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Getting Spring Fever….Legal Harborside Here I Come!!

Today I was reminded that this weekend is daylight savings. What does this mean for me? It means Spring fever….BAD! I can’t wait for longer days, warmer days, and the  Seaport District. I am an absolute fan of the Seaport District and the development over there has been amazing. Like many Bostonians, I don’t step foot in this area for about 6 months of the year. It’s a location that I incorporate it with warmth, water and Spring/Summer. Here is a clip from Phantom Gourmet to get your Spring Fever going too.

Legal Harborside Website

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Video of the North End

Well, I am on a roll of posting these Boston Globe videos of different neighborhoods. This one is of the North End. If this doesn’t make you want to eat your face off, I don’t know what will. This clip gives you a great perspective of the shops and streets and location. Boston.com needs to keep these coming!

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Great Video of the Seaport District

Here is another video that was done by the Boston Globe. This time the focus is on the emerging Seaport District neighborhood.


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