Wonderful Video of the History of the South End…Must Watch!

If you live in the South End or live in Boston, you should  watch this video. This was a documentary that was aired by WGBH in 1995. It gives great insight into how the South End used to be and what type of neighborhood it was.  A few years ago, I walked through the building Allan Rohan Crite (interviewed) used to own. After he passed, It  was on the market for sale and it was a total gut job and the place was in really bad shape. There were a few remnants of his work left in the old run down building, but  at the time, I really didn’t have much appreciation for what I was walking through. Now the building is worth millions and has a plaque on it that recognizes the artists contribution to the community.  I now imagine how many other buildings have such an amazing history  and the stories that are not as public. What a great area.

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