Great Idea for Landlords That Have Hardwood Floors.

Recently, I rented out an apartment owned by a landlord who has had buildings for over 20 years. This was my first time renting one of his apartments, but I learned a great idea from him that I think all landlords should duplicate. Upon moving in, he leaves each tenant a welcome note with building tips and other information. He leaves them a few extra light bulbs, and lastly, he leaves a few packets of felt  floor  Floor Padspads for furniture. He asks the new tenants to please place them on all pieces of furniture to help protect the hardwood floors. I think this is a great idea!!

One of the things most landlords worry about (if they have nice floors), is that the hardwood floors will  get scratched or scuffed. This is a great way to help prevent floor damage and I hardly think it is intrusive to any tenant. Yes a security deposit can help if there is any damage to flooring, but I would rather have protected floors than calling up flooring specialists, getting quotes, withholding money, and coordinating new move ins around drying floors.

I’d be interested to think if you think this is a good idea too. Will you start doing this?


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